How Old You Have To Be To Work At Publix?

Jobs for Beginners at Publix (Publix)

Position Age Requirement
Front Service Clerk (or Bagger) at least 14
Grocery Clerk at least 16
Meals Clerk (or Demonstrator) at least 18
Meat Clerk/Seafood Clerk at least 18

Does age matter when applying for a job at Publix?

It makes no difference how old you are. The department you work in does. The initial pay rate for all other departments will be greater than that of cashiers and baggers because these two positions start off with the lowest salary. The severity of the crime would determine whether or not my local Publix would hire me. There’s nothing too terrible to worry about, and I should be alright.

How many hours can a 14 year old work at Publix?

How many hours per week may teenagers aged 14 to 15 work at Publix? Teenagers aged 14 or 15 should put in at least five to six hours of labor per week. They would have enough time to get ready for work and complete their assignments if they did it this way. After some time has passed since they started working, they should begin to integrate their personal lives and their professional life.

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