How To Fire A Union Employee?

In a setting that is unionized, it is unusual to fire a union employee unless their behavior is really unacceptable.Before actually firing an employee, progressive disciplinary action will first consist of giving verbal notice of issues, then issuing a written warning, then writing a letter of expectation, then mandating a corrective action plan, and finally writing official letters of reprimand.

Can a Union Fire an employee for any reason?

As the employer of a union organization, you are required to approach terminations with careful deliberation and to only fire an employee when you are absolutely certain that the employee engaged in behavior that would be considered a fire-able offense, and only after you have followed the proper protocol leading up to the termination of the employee’s employment.

Can a company encourage or assist with decertifying a union?

It is essential to keep in mind that it is illegal for employers or management to advocate for or provide assistance with the decertification of a union. The staff must take whole responsibility for leading the initiative. However, workers may seek assistance from other groups (see the list that follows).

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