Where Is The Buried Blue Coin In Retail Row?

You’ll see a mound of dirt by a tree just outside the front door, in the space between the path and the driveway. Get close to it and hit it with your pickaxe to unearth the buried blue coin that’s part of the Fortnite quest for Retail Row and finish this side quest.

Where can I find a buried blue coin?

Because it has a name, the place is quite straightforward to find. However, locating the actual blue coin that was buried will need a bit more effort on your part. At Retail Row, there is just one blue coin that has been buried, and it is located next to a yellow wood home. The coin is buried in the ground next to a tree.

Where can I find the blue coin in Fortnite?

You have been tasked by your canine friend Doggo to locate the hidden Blue Coin in Retail Row in Fortnite, and if you don’t want to let Doggo down, you had best go to work and unearth the coin as soon as possible.

How do you get the blue coin in Retail Row?

This snow will melt at some point, and when it does, the layout of Retail Row will look like this. The Blue Coin is buried on a little mound in the corner of a yard, close to a young birch tree: You need only approach it and play a game of whack-a-mole to retrieve the XP coin.

How do I check if I’ve collected the blue XP coin?

You may double verify that you have collected the Blue XP Coin by returning back to Retail Row in a subsequent battle and checking the location. This is useful if you become distracted when collecting the coin, for example if someone begins firing at you.

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