Where Is The Piano Near Retail Row?

The last task is that we locate the piano in the area of Retail Row. On a little ridge slightly to the southeast of the town is where you will find it. The first piano you come across in Pleasant Park is little compared to the size of this one.

Where to play piano in Fortnite?

Find out where in Fortnite you may play sheet music on the piano at Lonely Lodge. The second piano can be found in the southeast corner of Lonely Lodge, just to the north of the deserted superhero house that is located on the eastern side of the map.

Where is the piano on the west side of Pleasant Park?

The piano is located to the west of Pleasant Park on the middle tier of a mountain; nonetheless, there is a tiny structure on the western side of the same platform where the piano is located. On the inside, one may almost always find a weapon of some type.

Where is Retail Row in Fortnite season 6?

The site at Pleasant Park has remained the same since the previous season, while the location in Retail Row has been replaced with one in Lonely Lodge that is situated directly on the shoreline.The initial phase, in which players were had to locate the song’s sheet music at a nearby place before being able to perform it, has subsequently been removed from the game.Previously, players were required to do so.

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