Where Was Concepts First Retail Location Located?

In 1996, in the center of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Concepts opened its initial doors as one of the first boutiques to merge the worlds of street, skate, and fashion, years before it became conventional.

Where did Concepts first retail location?

Concepts was one of the first businesses to cater to the lifestyle customer when it opened in 1996 in the center of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Concepts is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts (footwear, menswear, sportswear, actions sports, premium denim and outerwear).

Where was Concepts first retail location located basement?

The underground site of the firm’s main shop in the basement of the former Filene’s department store at Downtown Crossing in Boston, Massachusetts, provided the inspiration for the name of the retail establishment. Filene’s Basement.

Type Subsidiary
Website www.filenesbasement.com

When was Concepts Skateshop first established?

1996 was the year when Concepts originally opened their doors, bringing together the realms of street, skate, and fashion many years before it became conventional.

When did Concepts open in Boston?

Subsequently its foundation in Boston in 1996 as one of the first retailers to merge the worlds of street, skate, and fashion, Concepts has since grown globally with stores in New York, Dubai, and Shanghai. Concepts was one of the first retailers to blend the worlds of street, skate, and fashion.

Which neighborhood in NY was Concepts last NYC flagship located in?

Now, Concepts is pleased to announce the opening of its fresh new site in New York City. This spot will be in the middle of the action in the district known as Union Square.

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Who owns Concepts Boston?

The creator and current CEO of Concepts, Tarek Hassan: The location, the size of the shop, and the capacity to tell stories in the manner that we have always envisioned doing so. This flagship location exemplifies not just who we are as a brand but also where we intend to go as a brand in the future. We began as a lifestyle brand and have continued in that vein ever since.

Who is Deon point?

In the beginning, Deon Point was a contractor who had a passion for shoes. He submitted an application to work weekends at the blossoming Concepts and eventually worked his way up to the position of general manager, which he now occupies.

What was Concepts first collab with?

The two have collaborated on an assortment of clothing and shoes for sale. WWD. The collection features items such as t-shirts, polo shirts, swim shorts, sweatshirts, windbreakers, a track suit, slides, and hats. It was designed with the common Bostonian heritage of the two firms in mind.

What was Concepts first ever collab?

The over-the-top packaging of the original Concepts Nike SB Dunk Low ″Red Lobster″ sneakers, which was inspired by a lobster meal, caused a huge stir in the sneaker community in 2008. These shot straight to the top of the collectibles list.

Where is Deon point from?

Deon Point acquired a passion for shoes while he was a child living in Brockton, Massachusetts. He would frequently travel to New York City to purchase at stores such as Alife and Nort. The next year, in 2002, his brother found Concepts in the neighboring city of Cambridge.

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Who was Cncpts first collab?

2008 marked the beginning of CNCPTS and Nike’s in-depth and meticulously planned relationship, which was initially represented by the Red Lobster shoe. Released on May 31, 2008, the CNCPTS x Nike SB Dunk Red Lobster was available for purchase at retail for a price of $125 USD.

What was Concepts most recent collaboration?

The Concepts x Nike Kyrie 7 ″Horus″ collaborative shoe will be released once more.

When did concepts on Newbury open?

18 Newbury Street will be the location of the store’s grand opening on October 24, 2020. 18 Newbury Street

Which Cncpts store has three floors?

Please make yourself at home at 18 Newbury Street! We are delighted to introduce you to our new flagship shop in Boston, which is located in the historic Back Bay neighborhood of Boston. This ground-breaking new location spans three stories. This facility, which draws its inspiration from our roots in Boston, is intended to be a primary gathering spot for the community as well as for us.

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