Which Of The Following Statements Is True Regarding Employee Recognition?

D) The process of employee recognition programs might be hampered by centralized programs that are implemented across many offices located in various nations. E) Employee stock options are a more effective method of motivation in the workplace than traditional forms of appreciation.

Is employee recognition an extrinsic reward?

A) Acknowledgment from superiors is an example of an extrinsic benefit. B) Some people believe that employee recognition programs are too open to political influence from higher-ups, and this is one of the main criticisms leveled against them. C) The cost of implementing employee recognition programs is high.

Are employee recognition programs worth the cost?

Costs associated with employee appreciation initiatives are minimal. In the short term, financial incentives may be more motivating, but in the long run, it’s nonfinancial rewards, and according to studies, recognition is the most potent workplace motivator. Some study shows that financial incentives may be more compelling in the short term.

Is early adoption of a new revenue recognition policy allowed?

  • Adoption at an earlier age is not permitted.
  • The new guidelines are more predicated on specific regulations than on overarching principles.
  • 2.Assuming that the conditions for recognizing revenue over time have been satisfied, the measure of completeness can be derived by dividing the profits earned to date by the expected total profits.
  • This method assumes that the requirements for recognizing revenue over time have been satisfied.
  • costs that have been incurred to this point by an expected total cost.

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